We strive to be the  Appalachian Basin Producer Services Company!!

We use the latest electronic trading, technical and weather reporting systems to supplement our own expertise.  That means we're able to provide personalized guidance - including effective risk management alternatives - tailor portfolios to meet specific needs, and respond rapidly to changing conditions and opportunities.  In addition APS trades the market everyday which keeps our market intelligence fresh on a daily basis.

Formed in 1999, specifically to help producers market gas.  APS has teamed market intelligence with marketing muscle, helping producers manage their natural gas supply resulting in better service, information and prices.

By aggregating supply and researching the best available markets, we help producers achieve maximum value for your product.  Which translates into increased revenue stream.

We help you reduce overhead; with marketing options tailored to your specific needs. As a result we are motivated to provide the best performance possible.  APS worked with many different suppliers, transporters and capacity holders to identify the best market for you.

APS focuses primarily on the Appalachian Region reaching markets throughout the New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky Regions.  Our customers include the industry's best-known names.

Our experience in the futures and basis market enables us to take advantage of market opportunities.

** NEWS:  New West Virginia Natural Gas Gathering System Announced by Tenaska Midstream and Superior - 03/16/10  (read full article on our news page)